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Guideline of Altaï traveller reviews

Our principle: transparency

Because your opinion is important to us, we give you the opportunity to give your opinion. For the sake of quality and transparency, we have chosen to publish all Altai traveller reviews directly on our website, whether good or bad, as long as they comply with our guidelines. If you are dissatisfied, we undertake to answer you publicly.

How does it work?

  1. You travel with Altai
  2. On your return, we send you an email inviting you to share your impressions with us
  3. Whether positive or negative, your review is published directly on the  Altaï website and our Altaï Travel community site (within one month)

Conditions for publication of reviews

  • Each Altai traveller receives an email when he returns from his trip inviting him to answer a satisfaction questionnaire. If several people have taken the trip together, each individual receives this email and can answer the questionnaire.
  • Among other things, the questionnaire makes it possible to assign an overall score to the trip. The answer to this question is by degree of satisfaction: very satisfied/ satisfied/ moderately satisfied/ dissatisfied/ not at all satisfied.
  • For each trip, we post an overall satisfaction rating expressed on 5 which includes all customer ratings on the trip in question. The note is published as soon as we have 2 notes minimum and this, in the interest of representativeness. This note will be published on the site of the local agency in question, as well as on the community site Altaï.
  • For each local agency, an overall rating of satisfaction expressed on 5 will be calculated with all the ratings obtained on the destination and will be displayed on the home page.
  • All ratings, all Altai destinations combined, will be calculated and expressed on 5. This overall satisfaction rating will be displayed on the home page of the Altaï community site.
  • The questionnaire includes, among other things, whether or not to agree to publish a review of a length not exceeding 1000 characters (spaces included).
  • Each review is published as is on the relevant travel page (a minimum of 2 reviews per trip is required).
  • Each review may be reproduced, in part or in whole, on the homepage, or on a page relating to the trip concerned on our website.
  • The reviews are the property of Altaï who can use them freely.
  • Altaï reserves the right to reply to questions or comments made to us, below the review concerned.
  • Altaï retains the right not to publish a review (we keep the satisfaction note however) if it belongs to different categories of reviews: reviews that do not comply with the legislation in force in French territory, reviews which contain discriminatory, obscene, abusive or violent statements, reviews which do not concern the journey carried out, reviews which do not guarantee the anonymity of other travellers, Altaï staff and our local partners (such as give name), advertising and/or commercial reviews, reviews that may infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties (such as citing a trademark), reviews which include e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, postal addresses relating to privacy or any data enabling the direct or indirect identification of a natural or legal person

In one of these specific cases, the reviewer will then receive an email indicating that Altaï has unpublished his review.